Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Utah Driving

Ok, so, as most of you probably already know, I hate Utah drivers with a passion. The only people I have found worse than them are Florida drivers. So anyway, the topic of discussion this evening is going to be moving over BEFORE turning. Not doing so is one of my many pet peeves.

I'm driving along on a peaceful Thursday night. The traffic is minimal, my music is good, and I have just come from a party. Then, all of that comes to a vicious stop when the person in front of me decides to stop in their lane, and then make a right turn. My question is this, what's the point of that big side space on the right side of the road? I guess it must be there for fun or something 'cause I see a lot of people not using it!

So, I want you all to listen, and listen closely. Before turning, get into the turning lane. Is that too much to ask?!

To go along with that. Now some people are a little more intelligent than others and do realize that that lane is for turning and that they shouldn't block traffic to swing off to the side street. Have you ever noticed how long that turning lane is? It's pretty long. Did you know your car has little things called brakes? They work wonders! Did you know, they can actually stop your car while it's moving?! Incredible I know! This brings me to my second point. When you are turning, or getting ready to turn, move ALL the way over, and THEN slow down. Don't impede the flow of traffic because you can't work your breaks when you want to pull into the left-turn lane! Ugh!

I will admit that I'm not the perfect driver. But I think these things are just some common courtesy issues we should all be a little more aware of. Oh and believe me, I'll be ranting a lot more about Utah drivers in the days to come...

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