Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Car

So I got a new car the other day and it is amazing! I got it on....Tuesday of this last week. It's a little bright red 2005 Hyundai Accent 4-door sedan with 23,000 miles. It's definitely a change from my monster van so I'm still getting usedEva from the office window. to driving it. But there are so many things that I love about it! I think one of the best things is that it gets over 30 MPG! My van got...eight...miles to the gallon! Crazy I know! I do miss how much space and how much pure awesomeness came with my van, and the moodlighting was amazing too. But lemme tellyou about my new car!

I have officially named it now. I named it Eva after Alie suggested it when I took her for a ride after I first got it. The name really fits it though! Now, you all need to think of the movie Wall-E 'cause that's where Eva comes from. Eva, in the movie, is very sleek, fast, cute, little, and has a really BIG personality. The same goes with my car. I mean, I already add a lot of personality to the car 'cause I'm a pretty defensive driver and I actually know how to drive, unlike most Utah drivers, but now it has even more because this morning I got my subwoofer installed in the back. Now it's a super loud, speedy, awesome machine! I love how I can zip in and out of traffic and accelerate and brake with ease. My van's brakes were kinda funny....it took a while to stop and that has caused some problems in the past. I also love the growl my new car makes everytime I accelerate.

The inside of a car is also very nice. The seats aren't nearly as plush as the van, nor do I have carpet, but it's still Eva under the knifereally nice. I think the best feature is the working AC! In my van, I really didn't have AC. When it did decide to work, it would just blow out of the defroster vent in the top of the car and nowhere else. Needless to say, the people in the back weren't too pleased with that. But now in my new little car, I'll get in the car, wait for about a minute, and then the air conditioner is already ice cold and ready to go! And, the air blows out of those front vents...ahhh, pure bliss.

So now, after driving my car all around the place, I've noticed some definite differences from the van. First of all, I'm so low to the ground! I'm so used to sitting in my giant van far about the rest of the world where I felt very intimidating if I wanted to be. Now I can't really intimidate anyone else... I've also noticed that I get other peoples' lights reflecting in my mirrors! That's so weird! Again, because my van was high, I didn't have to deal with that except for Semi's and huge trucks. I do like how much easier it is to change lanes 'cause I don't have such big blind spots. And, when I turn around on a small street, I don't have to do like six-point turns anymore!

Anyway, that's pretty much it for my new car Eva. She's gonna last me a very long time and I'm loving her already. I can't wait to take you guys for a ride in it!

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