Sunday, July 4, 2010

It Finally Happened

We met at a friends birthday party. He looked a lot older than 22. Which is probably why I thought he was so handsome. We didn't get to talk a lot that night. I wasn't feeling quite myself and he seemed a bit shy at the time. We did however talk enough to add each other on facebook. Ah facebook, what a wonderful thing for those of us who are way to shy to ask for a phone number.

He messaged me on facebook a few months later saying that we should hang out. I told him my work schedule, gave him my phone number and soon, we had our first date set.

Dating again?! What?! I couldn't believe that I was thinking about doing it again. I had "dated" before but they weren't really dates because I wasn't really looking. I thought that maybe this time I was ready for something more. And I was determined to take things slow.

He picked me up, we hugged and headed off to dinner. He took me to a Thai restaurant and we began looking over the menu. He ordered for the both of us and we began talking. To be honest, he came off a bit strong that night--he was very sure of what he wanted, took things seemingly too seriously, and even had the audacity of ordering MY food for me! Goodness gracious. But I persevered.

After we finished eating, he told me we were going dancing. I almost dropped dead right there. Yes I am gay. Yes I am ok with that in my own little safe world with my gay friends and also just being alone. What he was suggesting was taking me out into the non-gay real world and wanted me to dance with him... Talk about a shock. But I persevered.

We went dancing. And no longer was I persevering, I was having a great time. I learned how to relax. I felt like I could be myself around him with all my little insecurities and imperfections. He was interested in me just for me. He liked the awkward, badly coordinated dancer that he was trying to teach. And I liked this new, very attractive young man with an incredibly open mind.

And recently, I wrote about how we have now been dating for two months! And since that first dance, I've been going to a dance every night with him. I'm actually getting to be quite good if I do say so myself.

I had planned this July 4th weekend for a while now. I had bought Stadium of Fire tickets and was going to surprise him with it on Saturday. I told him to keep his Saturday open and everything was going according to plan.

But, because Karma hates me, things exploded. Well, at least temporarily. Casey's sister reminded Casey that their family was going camping that weekend and they'd had that planned for at least three months if not longer. I felt terrible for asking him to change his plans and he felt awful for thinking he'd have to cancel.

So we meshed the two together. I went camping with him and his family Friday night. We had a wonderful time. I brought my violin, and his father and brother-in-law brought their guitars and we had a concert. Then we talked while sitting around the fire and snuggled up next to each other and his two siblings for a nice rest.

The next day, we headed to my house for a family BBQ. We ate until our stomachs were distended. Then we ate dessert which sent us into a food coma. Blast you Karma you've done it again.

After we awoke from our coma, we chatted with my extended family and Casey began asking what we were doing that afternoon. I told him we were heading to Provo and yes, he guessed we were going to the Stadium of Fire. Curse you Karma!

I tried to save it by saying that we were just going to watch the fireworks. I think he bought it briefly. Once we were in Provo, we met up with one of our wonderful friends and walked around campus and enjoyed the pre-show activities. Casey grabbed a drink and said he'd save it for later. Me, being the moron that I am, said, "Casey you won't be able to take that into the show..."

Holy crapola I just ruined the surprise. Curse you!! But hey, we were still going to have fun.

The show was fantastic. The music was spectacular, and the company was even more beautiful than the entertainment. Not only that, but Casey had never been to one of these shows before. It was like a brand new experience for me seeing it through his eyes.

Now came the most important part of the evening. I wanted to ask him to be my boyfriend. My friend in Provo suggested we go on a walk, I pick a flower, put the ring I got for him on the flower, and give it to him. And that was the plan...until it took us an hour to get back to the car and another half hour to get out of Provo. Hmmmmm...there had to be another way.

We arrived home very late after a quick trip to Denny's. I sent him upstairs to turn on one of our favorite TV shows while I grabbed us some ice cream. That's it! Ice cream! I stuck the ring at the bottom of his cup, scooped in the ice cream, walked up that eternal flight of stairs with my heart beating like crazy, and gave it to him.

Then we began to watch. Nothing happened. We were still watching. Still nothing happening here... I was beginning to wonder if I had mixed up the cups. Then he started to laugh as he tried to eat the ring I gave him. I told him to run over to the sink and wash it off. While he was over there, I was frantically trying to come up with something incredibly romantic that could be passed on for generations.

And blast it Karma didn't give it to me. He sat down, and I pulled out the matching ring for myself. Taking a deep breath, and trusting that he did actually like me, I simply said, "Well, I had to get two matching rings if I was going to ask you to be my boyfriend."



No, just kidding. He looked at me, and a huge smile came on his face and he said, "Of course I want to be your boyfriend!"

Oh how happy I was! This is my first ever gay relationship. My heart began to slow down from the hummingbird setting and we sat with our arms wrapped around each other, finished our ice cream, and finished our show. Ahhh, now this is the life, I thought.

So there you have it. That is our relationship story. I'm a little anxious to see how he responds to what I first thought of him...(I haven't even told him any of that yet! Mwahahaha!)

Thank you dear reader for staying in touch with me. Thank you for your patience and understanding in my ramblings. I hope they are fun and entertaining for you because it is a pleasure for me to write them.

I am continuing to try and live the best as I see fit. I am still going to church. I still believe in the church. I am dating a man. I believe in the happiness and joy that I've felt in our relationship. And these worlds WILL fit together. I can promise you that.