Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Sweet Farewell

This year will be the two year anniversary of my brother's death. I miss him terribly. This is the poem I wrote for his funeral.

I have been very blessed,
By your sweet, tender care
And all I wish to say
Is how I wish you’d be there.

There when I first kiss,
And there when I find true love,
But I know you’re watching out for me,
As I feel your gaze from above.

I can still see your smile,
And those caring, light blue eyes,
That have captured the hearts of many,
And lifted your disguise.

While many couldn’t see,
The beauty inside of you,
There are those of us still here,
Who really always knew,

That your heart was always giving,
And pleading for those in need
As you rushed right by their side,
With ever-increasing speed.

I remember all the good times,
And never recall the bad,
I remember I could trust you
And always say that I had,

One of the greatest brothers ever,
Who could DJ a song or two,
And would always make me laugh,
As he did to you.

I have but one regret,
That I couldn’t say goodbye,
To my fantastic older brother,
But I’m so happy to see you fly.

You’ve beaten all your struggles,
You’ve made it to the end,
And I just can’t wait to see you,
Just around the bend.

1 comment:

  1. That is beautiful Steven. What a tribute of pure love and admiration. My written words can do it no justice.