Thursday, October 1, 2009


No one is an island.
We are all connected.
But what if there's a wall,
Which makes you feel rejected?

This brick was from that fight,
That cost you a dear friend.
While this ones for that pet that died,
When life seemed at an end.

The moat is filled with tears,
Of the most bitter kind.
Tears that seem to swim their way,
Until you've but gone blind.

The guards are at the door,
To keep you from harms way.
But there's another thing that can't get in,
That you'd really wish would stay.

People really love you,
Or so they seem to say.
But your guards have fought it back,
And kept that love at bay.

Now you sit alone,
With nothing coming in.
People climbing up the walls,
In the hopes to raise your chin.

Sure there's lots of tears,
Enough to fill that moat.
But there's more happiness and joy,
To keep you safe afloat.

As you've probably guessed it,
It's time to destroy those walls.
It's time to take life as it comes,
The highest peaks and falls.

But how do you destroy,
What has taken years to build?
Something so massive and vile,
That's left you unfulfilled.

Will you do me a favor,
As soon as you find out?
Come rescue me from my castle,
I've lost the strength to shout.

1 comment:

  1. Alright Sir, I say 'Charge!' and have laid siege to your prison. And if that doesn't work, I'll slip in under cover of darkness, toss up my hair to you and you can climb down :-D